We love Peanut Brittle!

Family Owned & Operated

Three simple words and so began Sweet Creek Brittle.  While raising 5 children at home in Sioux City, Iowa, my wife would make brittle for family and friends over the holidays.   I would take her brittle into work where co-workers, raving about it would ask her to make more for their own family enjoyment.  We relocated to Columbia, Tennessee in 1989.   By this time, I took over the brittle making duties. Adding my own special touches and tweaking the recipe which is the Sweet Creek Brittle people know and love today. We were overwhelmed by the encouragement of family and friends to enlarge our candy business so more folks could enjoy this wonderful product.  This is the brittle that has a unique texture that is softer than other brittles today.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we do! 

Gary and Judy Richcreek

Family. Food. Fun.


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